Healthcare Newsletters: Connecting with Target Audiences

When it comes to healthcare newsletters and publications, it’s important for marketers to understand all levels of healthcare consumers, and continually do research to enrich your knowledge of evolving attitudes, concerns and kinds of health information that consumers prefer. The effort will pay off – your hospital or clinic newsletter will more effectively connect you with your audience and win them over while enhancing your reputation.

Here are four key target audiences that healthcare marketers should continually keep an eye on:

Women: Women often serve as the primary healthcare decision maker, purchaser and influencer. You can leverage that empowerment to your advantage by developing the appropriate story angles, creative approach, key messages, tone of voice and calls to action that pique women’s interest and generate response. You’ll build your brand while building their trust, giving you greater credibility, visibility and involvement in their lives. Topics to focus on in your healthcare newsletter include breast cancer, fitness, nutrition, heart health, body image, menopause, disease prevention, mental illness, healthy aging and pregnancy, just to name a few.

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Parents: Nothing’s more important to moms and dads than the health of their child, and today’s parents know they have the power to support their children’s health, from birth to young adulthood. You can be their trusted guide every step of the way with practical parenting advice and up-to-date news about the things that matter most – immunizations; behavior, growth and development; bullying; kids and technology; internet safety; injuries, first aid and safety; proper nutrition; diseases; school and family life; pregnancy; puberty; teens and safe driving; sending kids to college and more.

Baby Boomers: Because of its sheer size and massive spending power, the baby boomer generation’s impact on the healthcare industry is profound. And boomers are redefining aging by staying more informed and involved than ever in their ever-changing health status. They want to age gracefully, stay active, prevent disease and live a quality life, and you can apply these insights to your healthcare newsletters and publications to build a healthy bond with this booming market. Focus your healthcare newsletter on disease prevention and management, healthy aging, approaching retirement, fitness and nutrition, caring for aging parents, stroke, heart health, diabetes, managing chronic illness, back pain, etc.

Mature Market: Today’s older adults are different from generations past; they’re more physically active and younger in spirit. They don’t consider themselves “senior citizens” or “old,” and strive to keep their bodies and minds healthy by exercising, traveling, volunteering and socializing. Connect with them by focusing on topics they care about – fitness, disease prevention and management, wellness, hearing loss, aging eyes, proper nutrition, depression in older adults, stroke, heart health and social issues that impact their lives.

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2 thoughts on “Healthcare Newsletters: Connecting with Target Audiences

  1. Excellent article! Very helpful ideas!

    Posted by Bob | June 28, 2013, 2:59 pm
  2. The key to successful newsletter marketing is to create content that speaks to your target audience. You shouldn’t take a broad approach and the list (and content) should be segmented as much as possible so that it is relevant to recipients’ needs.

    Posted by Steve Klinghoffer | July 3, 2013, 12:14 pm

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