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HIPAA and Healthcare Marketing: Know the Rules

The rules and guidelines surrounding privacy and personal information seem to get more and more complicated every day. Healthcare marketers need to be more careful than ever to protect patient privacy and personal information. In general, the HIPAA Privacy Rule requires an individual’s written authorization before a hospital can use or disclose any protected health … Continue reading

Healthcare Branding Strategies

As a healthcare marketing director, your goals are simple: You want to draw more people to your hospital or clinic; you want your existing patients to be more loyal; and when individuals are in need of medical care, you want them to think of your hospital or clinic first. So what’s the secret to achieving … Continue reading

Healthcare Newsletters: Connecting with Target Audiences

When it comes to healthcare newsletters and publications, it’s important for marketers to understand all levels of healthcare consumers, and continually do research to enrich your knowledge of evolving attitudes, concerns and kinds of health information that consumers prefer. The effort will pay off – your hospital or clinic newsletter will more effectively connect you … Continue reading

How to Use Your Hospital Newsletter for Healthcare Marketing

Many healthcare organizations publish newsletters to share announcements and health tips with patients and the community. While this is a great way to get information to the public, a hospital newsletter can also play a role in your healthcare marketing strategy. Whether you publish a newsletter monthly, quarterly or on some other schedule, use each … Continue reading

Healthcare Marketing Tip: Promote Yourself as a Partner

In the world of healthcare marketing, it’s no longer enough to promote yourself as a mere medical provider. These days, with so many healthcare organizations to choose from, patients can afford to be pickier than ever. And when given the choice, many patients would prefer an organization that not only markets itself as an effective … Continue reading

The Importance of Hospital Marketing

It should come as no surprise that people’s preference in hospitals is not at the top of their list of concerns. Most people don’t sit around pondering where they’d like to go if they had a heart attack or needed knee surgery. But when people do have health problems that need treatment, you absolutely want … Continue reading

The Role of Healthcare Marketing: Building Trust Outside the Doctor’s Office

Unlike many other industries, healthcare providers may not see their “customers” on a regular basis. People generally know more about what to expect from their bank, gym or grocery store than they might with a visit to the doctor. Seeing your patients only a few times a year (at most) can make it difficult to … Continue reading

Hospital Marketing Must-Have: Brand Guideline Booklet

Today’s average consumer is exposed to a stunning amount of marketing messages each and every day. From commercials and billboards to newspaper ads and product logos, advertising has permeated almost every aspect of our lives. In fact, some studies proclaim that the marketing messages we see on a daily basis number in the thousands. So … Continue reading

Lead with Happiness, and Healthy Choices will Follow

In healthcare marketing, inspiration is a powerful tool.  It creates motivation.  And motivation leads to action…which is what you, as the healthcare provider, want. Ultimately, you want to motivate your patients to make healthy choices.  Sure, you can provide the facts and dole out a diagnosis and treatment plan.  But how can you get them … Continue reading

Turn New Movers into New Patients!

Did you know that one in ten Americans will move in any given year? That’s good news for you because each new person that moves to your area is a potential patient for your hospital or clinic! Just think about it: As new movers settle in to their surroundings, one of the first things they’ll … Continue reading


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